Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making the Transition: Life (and Blogging) Post Independent Film Week

Well we've managed to wipe the tears from our eyes, soak our feet, and get back to work. Life goes on and we have a lot to prepare for, from the upcoming Gotham Awards to our next Industry Connect.

But first, the obvious question. What happens to the blog now that Independent Film Week has ended? Do we devote all of our items to looking forward (roughly) 358 days toward next year's incarnation? Or do we focus our attention on other IFP programs throughout the year, our intersection with industry trends, independent film landmarks, etc. Why, an obvious question gets an obvious answer. So, in the next few days, we will be transitioning from being the Independent Film Week blog to being the all things IFP blog.

So while we try to brainstorm a new name for the blog, we will leave you with some more press coverage of last week, from the good folks at Film News Briefs, The P.O.V. blog , and The Enzian Blog and The Film Panel Notetaker .

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