Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crowd Sourcing - Here, There, and Everywhere

Ondi Timoner's extremely relevant documentary WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, about the internet pioneer Josh Harris, who basically predicted over 15 years ago that we would all be walking around ignoring each other while updating our Facebook status via our Blackberries, opened in New York last week.

If you saw the film, and you still aren't convinced that we do in fact, live in the "public" that is the virtual webosphere, then take this humorous piece from The Onion, mocking the panic people felt when Google went down for a couple of hours. I for one was at an internet cafe, laptop in hand, having a business meeting that centered entirely around Google Docs. And while my colleague and I tried to figure out what was wrong, I got several emails about "Google being down" and heard several conversations around me about it as well.

Now, how is this relevant to the Independent Film Week, in which human interaction and networking is the centerpiece? Well, one of the panels that is generating the most buzz is called CROWD SOURCING: BUILDING FANS, BLOGGERS, AND PRESS ALLIES. Moderated by Ingrid Kopp, director of the online filmmaker networking organization, Shooting People, the panel discusses ways of building audience via the plethora of Internet tools that are available.

The formal description: "From the start of a new project, filmmakers are bringing in audiences, press, fans, and friends to help shape their content and build word-of-mouth. Find out how to increase and retain viewers using new technology and strategic web building – and why doing so sooner rather than later is critical to getting your latest project noticed."

In this difficult financial climate, internet outreach and promotion has become essential in getting a eyeballs on a film. In short "eyeballs on a laptop" is the new "butts in seats" making this upcoming panel is pretty much essential viewing.

For more information and tickets to the panel: go here.

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