Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Homemade Jam, Mira Nair, and Learning How to Pay the Bills - Independent Film Week Blasts On

As Independent Film Week dances into its fourth day, our tireless filmmakers, journalists, and industry reps are not only taking meetings, watching works in progress, and enjoying cocktails and sushi, they are also taking the time to blog about all of the action.

Full coverage is at the Filmmaker Magazine Blog and Tweets are here , but here are some teaser excerpts:

"After meetings, hung out at the Project Forum cocktail thingy and debriefed with some IFP doc labbers who I hadn't seen since April. Anna Farrel impressed me to no end by distributing small jars of homemade jam to industry folks. There's a really lovely and lyrical scene in her film, Twelve Ways to Sunday, where one of the characters cooks jam" -- Rebecca Richman Cohen

"There is an opportunity to learn about and take advantage of alternate revenue streams to generate funds, not only for a current project, but the one to follow." - Pamela Cohn

"This felt like a strong set of meetings because these were people who seemed ready and able to do business. Participants were selecting our project out of interest in our project dossier, which we know to be enticing due to its unique concept. These were not assigned meetings." -- Jennifer Phang

luria Mira nair is lovely. Simply lovely. I am smitten. #ifpfilmweek

thetested Aw snap! RT @bsroszell "The Tested had shades of Mean Streets. The director will do big things" #ifpfilmweek

telegraph21 " the web is another artistic instrument" Asiel Norton. well said at #IFPFilmweek

Do follow the full coverage!

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