Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lucy Mulloy of UNA NOCHE reflects on her Labs Experience

(left) Lucy Mulloy, John Henry Summerour (SAHKANAGA), and Daniel Mulloy (producer, UNA NOCHE talk shope with Nekisa Cooper (PARIAH) - Photo by Mike Cerda

The first day, sitting in the cinema, I really had no idea what to expect. I love the feeling of being taken by surprise at the images and the emotions projected. Getting a teaser fired us all up to see the full movies. During the week I gained further insight into the projects and into the details of what we have to contend with to bring our movies into the world, from the finer points of deliverables and legalities to finding our audience and making it possible for them to find us. There is some great work that is going to get a lot of attention coming out of the lab this year. The overwhelming feeling I have is that it was wonderful to be selected amongst a group with such raw determination and talent, executing their visions independently. The people involved were an inspiration - from classmates, and lab leaders to our mentors. We are so lucky to gain the direct insight of Scott Macaulay, Susan Stover and editors like Sabine Hoffman. I feel like we met at a perfect, critical stage in the process of finishing the film.

Josh Mond, Producer, AFTERSCHOOL with Lab Leader Scott Macaulay - Photo by Mike Cerda
The comfort and encouragement created in the lab atmosphere allows for ideas to flow. The concise and direct guidance from Amy Dotson and Rose Vincelli has enhanced our vision of where we are heading and what has to be done along that route. It is good to know that there are others going through this with us and the sense of support is tangible. I am excited to return to the editing room to get Una Noche out for people to see. Thank you all!

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