Monday, May 3, 2010

Hot Docs U.S. Delegate (and IFP Member) Carolyn McCulley Blogs Hot Docs

It is Sunday night. I just arrived in Toronto for my first ever Hot Docs event. I have my iPad pre-loaded with trailers from my film and am looking forward to finding out now well it will work to ditch my heavier laptop and just use the iPad for the week.

Already the Hot Docs staff has saved me time and money. I carefully read the FAQ and noted the tip about the Airport Express coach service. I booked online, saving another 10 percent off the $19.95 trip, and rode in from the airport connected to the free wifi aboard this comfortable coach. If you don't have your ride already lined up to go home, you may want to check it out.

I'm working the reward points angle this week, migrating from hotel to hotel with free stays. Tonight I am at the Hilton. I have a beautiful view of the city from the 26th floor. I arrived too late to get my event credentials, so I can't join the swing of things until tomorrow. But I anticipate getting precious little sleep for the rest of the week, so tonight's enforced rest is probably a good thing.

--Carolyn McCulley, producer/director CityGate Films

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