Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rebecca Richman Cohen, IFP Alum/Director of WAR DON DON, blogs from Tamale-land

Left to right Daniel Chalfen, Francisco Bello, Rebecca Richman Cohen, and David Menschel

Hi blog readers,

I’m the director of War Don Don – a feature length documentary premièring in competition at SXSW. I’m totally bleary-eyed, but also still giddy from excitement of bringing the film into the world. It’s been a whirlwind few days between screenings and barbeque and meetings and breakfast tacos and parties and superb guacamole. I have not gone hungry in this city, and while I’m keen to write some restaurant reviews, I’ll keep my blogging to the cinema.

I’ve found Austin audiences to be as warm and lovely as Austin weather - and both our screenings were well-received, followed by engaged and thoughtful questions at Q&A. The festival has been in excellent order and things have moved seamlessly. It’s been busy, but I’ve had time to see some other films – and there are some very very good ones out there. NY Export: Opus Jazz and Marwencol were two that I found captivating. The Canal Street Madam had an excellent audience response. When things quiet down after tomorrow, I’ll see more.

SXSW really feels like a place where things are moving and shaking in exciting ways. The interactive part of the festival seems to be generating a lot of exciting new ideas, and dare I say: toys. I’m game to explore some of that tomorrow! But for now, I’m off to do whatever it is that we filmmakers do. And I’m hoping that it includes tamales like last night...

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