Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finnish Metal Doc Released as an iPhone Application

This morning, in our partner Shooting's daily newsletter, a member's post caught my eye. "Our film, called "Promised Land of Heavy Metal" is an HD documentary app available now for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The feature film investigates the history and philosophy of Finland's prominent, and world reknowned, Heavy Metal music scene. This is the first indie-film App released in the world." I am not one who can vouch for the validity of that statement (Lance Weiler? Scott Kirsner? anyone care to weigh in?), however it's still interesting. As the filmmakers who posted noted: "With over 50 Million iPhone and iPod Touch users in the world, and over 7 Million Applications downloaded each day, the App Store is sure to become an important distribution/promotion medium for video and music content producers around the world. The app store eliminates many of the distribution barriers facing independent filmmakers and makes it easy to get their films into regions outside the country of origin. This new way of distribution doesn't "compete" with the traditional TV or DVD distribution, but helps to advertise and spread the message about the film." It will be interesting to see how successful this is. As an added bonus, the filmmakers off to help others create their own Film Apps. You can check out the App here.



  2. Sita for the iPhone was announced earlier this month

  3. I can see that this could be a great way to keep fans updated with info about production and it looks like that's all it's being used for at this point. Is anyone really trying to distribute their film through this channel? I agree with Mr. James (via David Lynch) that that sounds like a bad idea but that doesn't seem to be the point of this article.